Published April 29, 2016

Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen”

Song of 21st Century America

Henry Stockwell
Published December 9, 2015

the emotional gateway

What We Can Learn from the Rhetoric of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Bryan Stevenson

Henry Stockwell
Published November 22, 2015

The Emotional Gateway

How Ta-Nehisi Coates’ and Bryan Stevenson’s Rhetoric Could Help Us End America’s Systemic Racism

Henry Stockwell
Published October 30, 2015

Revolutions per Minute and The Cross

Why Randall P. McMurphy is Ken Kesey’s Jesus Christ

Henry Stockwell
Published October 2, 2015

The Video Game Effect

How Video Games Inform Allison Bechdel’s “Fun Home"

Henry Stockwell